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.Delegate and automate.

The internet is the only way to reach enough customers to get very rich. GoogleAdSense adverts are FREE and may bring you a passive income on your web site

Copy a winner, learn by their mistakes, expect to make some of your own. However, be .confident and have a go


Richard Branson says, "Screw it, let's do it." He means let's get to the action and stop just talking about it. Rude things and things that rhyme are easier to remember. I don't recommend rude for a catchy sales pitch you might find yourself in litigation. The advice he often gives is to be generous with compliments to the staff and that personally, he said,

"yes" to opportunity when it needed grabbing and worked out how to do it afterwards"


Have the right amount of sleep and look after your health.

the experts recommend

 starting early in the morning with a glass of water and exercise


Change your thinking and expectations


Focus on goals but live in the now

Set aside enough time daily and commit for a long enough time. Only a few people get rich quickly; usually, it takes years


et mentor lessons. Learn to get out your comfort zone some timesG.

Choose what will sell by market research not what you like. The number of views and likes it has will tell you this.

Find a support group.

You do not need to invest in Drop-ship sales but capital is useful for advertising. Affiliate is

also, a good way to start that does not need investment in stock.

.Ask the vendor to supply the video for your advert


. eep your e-mail list informed of popular times like launch and sales

  .Use an auto responder to deal with the high volume of potential customers

.Start little then scale everything u

Check out Face Book and YouTube and Instagram for the most engagement and for the cheapest adver

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