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What are Transformation Keys?


Dawn Heart L.R.P.S.


Scientifically based, practical things, to lead you step by step to be the "you" that you choose to be.
They are mostly inexpensive (and we will explain how to scale your money.)
They are clearly explained and easy to understand.
Topics include; Longevity, Sleep, Stress
Money, Love and Time Management.
Love Long and Prosper!

Examples of swift Transformation Keys are;
Caffeine in Tea and Coffee stimulates Cortisol so it is useful to get you energised in the morning.
 Lavender smell will help you sleep in a non addictive way. It needs to be a real Aroma Therapy one and not a fake chemical yuk that smells similar and could actually be damaging.
The kind of body movement that makes the best muscles are the weight bearing and with restraint type. Identical to real work such as digging and planting trees or lifting shopping. You have never seen a brick layer in the gym!
Remember to work both sides the same. Remember to work your back and front the same. Warm up first and stop for breathlessness and all discomfort. Pain for hypermasculinity is bad. Do that and be the sad person with a strained useless limb or internal organ. 
I do exercising my heart by doing the house work energetically.   

Your brain does not know the difference between a memory and the real thing;

so you can trigger  happiness chemicals with a Meditation.'

Senior Couple Doing Yoga

Dawn Heart L.R.P.S. talks about motivation to deal with Insomnia and also gives the first Key.

How will your life be different when you are; more, cheerful, focused, confident, and  prioritising your purpose?

Yes it is possible for most people to be happier!

Do you want to do it by yourself?

Or subscribe and accept the invitation of  32  experts?

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