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Transformation Keys


I am doing the "Synergy" thing and letting people, who know my work, tell you about it too. (Synergy means team work.)

Sanjay Mukherjee.


"Absolutely beautiful, honest, very artistic, glamorous, gorgeous. . . .


My Dear Sweetie Dawn congratulations. "

(about my artwork)



Karolina Krakowska.

Amazing! Beautiful job! 👏👏👏Amazing

I Like

Yes, use the power of your imagination to get the right energy and emotions.


(About videos I did.)

Mahamuda Mili


  "you are really good teacher 💕💕💕"


Kuchibhotla Prathyusha


   "Wow that's amazing. You are really talented 😀👍""




James Akhile.


What a content

Evans Omudi.

This is so cool.

I love it.

Xuseen Lugobe

May you aim for the sky and dream big. May you spread you're smile across. May you get success in whatever you do and you're path never get crossed. May you be the woman who inspires everyone around in life.


You are proving you can do it. A big Salute to you, Darling Dawn Heart,


Happy Women's day to you.

Mr Ali

Nice poetry dear.


Wow! Gorgeous and Intelligent, kind & considerate, caring & compassionate, empathetic & so understanding. Loved by many, hated by some (I'm sure) you're just so damn beautiful inside & out. ❤❤

CEO/Founder/Owner at GROUP

Ruhamah Arshad.



so very nice, very good, I appreciate you for these beautiful poems and words.


May God give you even more wisdom in writing.

Evgeny Sluzhenko

"Your artwork is always really beautiful. It's great, you are very talented."

Antwidan Daneal

 I pray for your strength so that Our Almighty God will give you more strength, long life, and prosperity.

May your work be go high level across the world so people will see the good work of your artwork and your poems and videos. l seen in you that you have a great and opening heart for each and everyone. 

Paralum Patalinghug Datta.

Thank u❤️ feels good to connect with people who light up the world❤️


Odichrist Bethel Hotpraise.

 Wonderful lines.

I really enjoyed reading your lines, looking deep at points of views regarding philosophy, life, and nature. Nice writing my dear Poetess, stay blessed always. 

Bam Dev Sharma

Really  reflective.



 "your artwork is very exciting, I feel like flying when I look at your artwork."


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Graham Rowland.

I apreicheate the privilege of

proof reading your work.

Thank you for your advice.

I sleep 7 hours every night now.

Good Bye Insomnia and Stress.


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