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Yet Another Advert

Because I am, really, sure you will like it.

Pink roses a gift wrapped from a proffessional florist

This or That  . . . 

                       or Both 

In sales class, I was taught to always ask for the sale.

" Is this the one you would like?"

Is a sale close expression. The people teaching me had different names for the different types of sale the " puppy dog sale" is when you leave the puppy behind for a couple of days with the potential customer and they can't let you take it back when you come to fetch it because they have fallen in love with it. It is "one month free trial." (Or you are not checking your money daily like a good business person and you forget to cancel the bank order you signed.) You can do this with any product they won't damage. 

The sale I have illustrated here is called,

"would you like it? Or would you like it?"

You say,

"are you going to sign the contract with your pen or mine? Are you buying one item or two? Would you like the red one or the blue one?"

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