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Recommended Social Media - 

for an ROI you Will Like

Letting a teacher hand you the solutions to your problems is wise.

 So take a Mentors advice.

 Facebook Pages


Businesses are among the people that 
use Group Pages for FREE and even charge people to join them there. The groups are directed at different types of consumers or different interests or beliefs.


I am on Facebook and I thoroughly recommend it. ( My Profile is under Dawn Heart Owner of Dawn Heart Media. My business page is under Dawn Heart L.R.P.S.) While the algorithm changes have made it more difficult to have an ROI (Return On Investment) from Facebook. Customers expect to find you there.


Jon Penberthy from Facebook and Utube offers lots of FREE information that is excellent on how to use their advertising. The adverts are low cost but if you can provide interesting content it's FREE on your profile to put your toe in the water.




You can put up content for FREE.


Alternatively, you have options for putting up your advert near where they are probably looking at a video for up to 10 minutes. Your presentation can be text or video.


Like Facebook, your campaign can be  specifically broadcast to individuals that have shown an interest in your product. The adverts are surprisingly inexpensive (literally a few pence) and might be just the thing for your promotion. Just like Facebook I recommend you start small and scale up your campaign slowly.


The worst possible scenario is that you have, too many interested customers clicking on your advert, that did not end in a sale. There would be a big invoice to pay because the bill is calculated on "pay by click."


A busnessman is typing on his lap top computer


This is a "pay per click" advertising. Businesses often decide to add a little sparkle to their website traffic with this technology.


Watch out, it can be pricey, and there are no refunds. So do the maths carefully to see if it is a bargain or a liability.


It is easy to spend loads more than you mean to. ( Dan Loc talks about checking your business daily.  I like the useful way he speaks. He has a fascinating poverty to riches true story and when he tells it he gives a lucrative challenge at the end.) In comparison, you need to keep close track of your AdWords account by having this app on hand at all times.  You can check your daily spend, edit your budget, be sent campaign suggestions, etc


Webinar Seminars


Learning from e-books and YouTube is FREE but Webinars which are also FREE are better because they can be interactive. Don't miss out on this FREE resource. Your competitors aren't.

Tell Face Book you are interested by clicking on everything that is business related and you will get invited to these webinars. They are often worth attending for the free gifts at the end and the tips are often helpful but remember it is a sales pitch and you will be asked to pay for their offer which they claim is unique. Training for thousands of pounds can in reality be a book that is remade into more than one format. They are allowed to do their pitch by law because they say you can make lots of money from them so that is what it is worth to you.


Webinar producers often keep the good information and good offers till the end so one that sounds disappointing, at first, might be worth sitting through. The sale is often on a countdown timer so know how much you are ready to spend before the sales pitch. A businessman will know his numbers and how much he can afford. 


WebinarJam is the one I have seen used most often by the business people I have watched. To be honest I am not as confident about them as everything else I publish and so  I would be grateful to hear others opinions.





Twitter is less important for a small business but it should definitely be used to reach a different audience but don't spread yourself to thin if you do not have the time or interest to attend to it properly.


It is up to the second, literally, and it is wrong to think that you can use a copy of the other advertising, that you put out. It needs to be part of the thread or it will look stupid.  Like all other apps, you are far more likely to use it if your phone to input is kept nearby.


It is a commitment if you start having a conversation you need to be there to reply if someone mentions your opinion.





I use this platform; I recommend it.  I can be found under the name of Dawn Heart L.R.P.S.   (I didn't really want to brag about my letters but there are about half a dozen other Dawn Hearts. I am the nerdy media one. We are all awesome.)


I have made lots of useful connections and friends and get job offers all the time. So far I have only needed the FREE mode but if you are looking for staff it is good to upgrade to Premium.


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