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More Reviews.

I am doing the "Synergy" thing and letting people, who know my work, tell you about it too. (Synergy means team work.)


Henry Kevin


God bless you.


Jr Tyson

I love it. Its very good.

(about Dawn's Sleep Work Shop.)

I like it.

(About Dawn's Poetry)

Jaswant Negi


Very nice, congrats.


Javed Khan


I follow Dawn Heart closely because she is helpful on lots of subjects. How did I manage without Dawn's House Work advice before? Now my home smells wonderful with real aromatherapy oils and not fake and possibly harmful chemicals.

Taking Dawn's advice has led to my sleeping lots better. My body must have been working very hard at night to cleanse me before.

Oussama MassoudiI.

Thank you very much, my dear, for this information. I will recommend to my father, he cannot sleep.

About Dawns Sleep Work Shop.

Sanjay Mukherjee



photographer friend Dawn.

Khurram Bashir.

It is good to read your stuff and sleep.

(about Dawn's Sleep Work Shop.)


Amir Gondal.



all your posts (I read all,) my dear friend, you are doing great job. Keep it up and never give up.


Kuchibhotla Prathyusha.

You should be proud. Congratulations.

About my Sleep Work Shop

Elvis Ohaka

That's great. Keep it up.

About Dawn's Sleep Workshop.

My Philosophy Teacher

Evgeny Sluzhenko.

WOW. You did a great job.

About my Sleep Work Shop.

Gordon Harris.

My one out of ten life that was dark and depressed (and not worth living) has become an eight out of ten - full of hope and confidence. I can use the money ideas to pay for the vision of the future Dawn has helped me make. She helped me get my first £1,000


Sleeping well has made me a new person. I feel focused and grateful and recommend Dawn's practical advice to every one whose life is not perfect.

Feroz Ahmad


Pooja Chhetri


God Bless you.

Emmanuel Prince Coolkiz Uzodimma.


Dawn loves all mankind and as a philosopher she respects all religions and I like she is an advocate for Black Lives Matter.

She writes well in an insightful, helpful, and fun way. Dawn is very motivational and inspiring. Her advice got me set up as a shop on line. I know to look for an affiliate deal now and make money passively.

I never really had a sleep problem but with Dawn's advice I have more day energy and get more done. All of Dawn's stuff is on point. Check it out.

Udit Kapoor


Smail Oumidouch

Dawn is a good therapist; like a friend.

I appreciate she gives me lots of time.

Nicholas Mennachitto Abraham


I appreciate you. You make me feel amazing. I feel so much better for having plants in my living room (with the oxygen they make) and the serotonin producing foods. You say thousands of things that make me feel as though I am in heaven.


Thank you.

Niseol Toons


It was great to do business with you. I hope  I can work together with you again some time. Your friendly support and business advice has been invaluable.   

Don't forget to 

sign up to my Mail List. 

Taher Baban


You really won't be disappointed when you follow Dawn's recipes and directions.


Thank you so much, Dawn, for everything you have to offer.


I rarely sleep since a kid I have a condition

3-4 hrs mainly its my natural order. Born with it they say. Never stopped me from seeing the world and doing what I do.

Only Brain surgery can change it and risky

so they Top docs said leave it when they saw it in brain scanner i am 14 yrs later same now; 60 in 3 weeks 🙂


I will keep the info. It's what I want to give to someone needs it.

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