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Undr the light of the moon

Another Advert

Because I am sure you will like it.

A Lesson in Advertising

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   Amazon. com

Create an atmosphere around your product to let you customers know the kind of thing they will get when they buy your product. Find a way to draw the attention to the, name, of the product in away they will notice.

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Go for big and bold to catch the customers eye. They will read details later if they are interested. If they remember the product's name you succeeded.


The next important priority is to get them to return for some thing: not necessarily a sale (even though that is good.) Maybe the potential customer, wants to answer a question they are curious about, or they want that free thing. Maybe they want to say the joke correctly when they repeat it. Or pronounce it,

" not the best larger in the World." Although it is ...Probably.

I don't appear to have a meta title as good as "probably the best" and my name is weird. Watch out the description words here. My "F" words are fun friendship and philanthropy. (See the Inner Circle Endeavour page to understand that " in " joke.) 


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