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I love this photo it reminds me of an Ansel Adams.

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©Dawn Heart Media 2019

Make Friends - and Find a Partner That has a positive impact on your life?

To have a friend, you must be a friend. -Anon.


Which relationships you choose to make and keep are important to your happiness levels and your success in life. The saying is, "you are the person that is the sum of the five people you spend the most time with." How you think directly changes what you get out of life not just your education, your expectations and planning for your goals. This mind set usually comes from the people around you.

Choose the company you keep carefully. Then work at keeping the relationships that help that

happiness. When you are committed stick around during the tough times as well. Time helps trust and the ability to be open.


Have lots of things in your life so that having a relationship is not the most important thing in your world. That way you will be able to cope better when you have a problem or a break in the relationship.



This is difficult but a good start, to make a relationship happen, is to go to a club or class where people have a similar interest to you. They probably won't live too far away.  Look for similar morals, intellectual equality, and the presence of friendship. Just be, you, (recently a man told me I was too clever and too honest. LoL. That sorted that one out quickly.)


Lovely people do voluntary work.


Dating people you find though Dating Agencies on line can be fun and good practice but it didn't work for me. A man said to me that for him it just felt like a big bill for dinners. Maybe he could have listened to music or shared a task they both liked. I particularly remember being entertained by conversation over a tree planting once.


A man in survey ( that might be fiction) was confronted on his front door step with  the question,

"who is in charge in your relationship?" He complained, 

"I am; when she tell me too."

Doing a task like choosing solar panels will soon sort out; who is in charge and whether that feels comfortable. Insistently that is how Prince Charles made an informal indication of his marriage interest. He asked Princess Diana about her opinion of a house's decor.



No one is telepathic. Tell people if you like them. Tell people a lot if you love them. Fixing or changing relationships is mostly based on carefully chosen words, said right. The key to communication is, loving-kindness if you are compassionate to people they will be open to talking to you more.


Be friendly to lots of people: family, friends and others you meet as well.. Try to empathise with them and see things from their point of view. The secret is to be in the now and listen with your whole being.

Involve your family in your projects as they are growing up. These are learning experiences of real things that will give confidence about the real world. This is important all the time school is just facts and not practical. The lessons my Mum gave me about where the money was going was the most useful. She explained direct debits and shop rates. It was me that had the idea of building a wall in our shop and renting it twice." Rent to let" in order to do this type of thing is one good way to make an inome.

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©Dawn Heart Media 2019

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