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Things to Remember

When Starting a

New  Business

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Understanding Demographics and choosing the niche that is right for you.


Know yourself. Is being in business right for you? Knowing why you want the money such as, for family luxuries, will help you. Is there a call for what you are offering? Is there a survey to show the details you need. Are you sure this is what you want?


Find out about your chosen niche.

The word Niche means a particular type of age or gender that needs or wants your product. All of these type of variables added together is called a demographic.This is the key to making money on Face book and U tube. Put a little money into the market until you see who likes your product then scale a little. It's easy you could just put a zero on all your figures. When you have found a typical customer these companies will use it as a template to find other similar people based on previous purchases and interest mentions.


Good places to start are:
•  Keep up to date on industry news
•  Visit forums, blogs, and online communities
•  Follow big industry personalities
•  Research market share and competition
•  Read industry data reports; core objectives,

Customer reviews on social media and websites.

This way you’ll understand what you need. 

From the start. Put your data on the cloud so your clients can see it anywhere and meetings on video mean you can meet anyone on the planet with a computer. Geography does not have to be a limiting factor.

Check your security with an expert.

Breif case of money riches

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