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Even More Reviews.

I am doing the "Synergy" thing and letting people, who know my work, tell you about it too. (Synergy means team work.)

Kay Nowlan.


Your concept for houses that helps the environment is phenomenal. I pray it changes the world.

Find a lady into making the curtain linings and matching draft stoppers. The plumbers and builders and be like you were with the directing. Don't wait to be invited; just go for it.

scan0025 (2).jpg

Oluremilekun Demola

Hi Dawn, 


It is Earth day today day; so I want to use the opportunity to say how much I admire you for trying to help ecology. I think your perfect eco-house idea is a brilliant.  I want one of those temperature things on my house. (the one made from recycled plastic.)


I wish you much success and hope to be in or more of your tasks. 


Babar Akther


Phenomenal and informative site... Really love to visit it..

Dodo McDonald.


You are a good woman; I really respect you. I have respect for your personality, I would very much like you to be my role model as well.


I like that you are a great woman. Truthful and beautiful


Dear Dawn,

I found your lessons about sleep really clear with no waffle and I was able to follow the clear instructions easily. In 3 weeks I was back in my sleep habit and more confident of myself and more creative.

Thank you Dawn.


Prince Jack

'Sanjay Mukherjee​

Well done sweetie Dawn. Congratulations.


About Dawn's Sleep Work shop.

Rao Sarfraz


About Dawn's Sleep Work shop.

Nkajja Jonathan.

That's good. Thanks for caring.

About Dawn's Sleep Work shop.

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Hey Girl,

Sort out your prices don't be so stuck up your Lilly white ass.

You s selling a banquet; not 'kin bread and water. 

Javed Khan

Wow this is nice Dawn Hreat

About Dawn's Sleep Work shop.

Venu G Venu G


About Dawn's Sleep Work shop.

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