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 ©Dawn Heart Media 2019

©Dawn Heart Media 2019

©Dawn Heart Media 2019

©Dawn Heart Media 2019

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Is Business for You?


Meditate, Pray,

Offer Praise,

and be Inspired

First, are you sure business is for you? The main pros are freedom (and all the money is yours ) and the main cons are responsibilities and having to make all the choices. You are going to  make mistakes can you commit and live with that?

Then pick a specific niche, better than me. Just talking about 'all my passions' doesn't work. Even just having two of 'money and love' isn't working quite as well as one would.


Rest, Pamper, Eat, Exersise, for

Joy and Health




Featured book 

A niche means that you can concentrate on advertising to the specific audience that wants to buy your product.






Our Niche,

here, is to serve you with the best books and products. We want to guide you (and your friends and connections) the quickest way to your goals for; money, love, and your life purpose.


The book Love Often Laughter is entertaining and we have chosen the best books on other themes like business to sell you. This Love poem book is meant to make you feel love and express it to a 

partner. It is our product example for our business discussions.


So what is your Niche in your demographic? What do you like? What are your skills?- I am a poet. I wrote different types of love poems. I thought this made it my niche because it was my passion and it was unique. To me, my population structure or demographic was a world full of men and women who couldn't wait to pronounce their love and found poems a romantic way to say things like, "can I take you to dinner."

The clumsy  title so  I could make lol my word on Google.


Research; survey; see how many Facebook is selling. Don't sell romance to a population that wants to buy lust. What you want to sell is half the story; what they want to buy is the other half. The rest is technical stuff; that is the whole thing.


What you have are called assets. All of your assets are called your capital. Fill in a business plan with guesses and see how you feel about it. People think it is safe when it is a business decision but it is so not, please, do not bet the roof over your head. Start smaller or change your mind. It is not important if you can not pay for the luxurys like a holiday. 

You need to know your numbers. What is your capital? Do you have to sell something or mortgage something to raise this? Do you need a loan? How much?


If reality strikes and you realise you may really lose your home; now would be a good time to give up. Perhaps you can share your passion as a hobby. This is not the only way to make money or to make a good difference in the world.



Climate info.

Saving Money

Good News

a man about to kiss. Looks into her eyes
Which Business is for You?

©Dawn Heart Media 2019

What will you call your business?

You are going to use this name a lot so don't make it a long one as you will be writing it many times. Cliff Richard deliberately made a name that had to be repeated because Richards at the time was a popular name and they were able to repeat the name frequently when it was being corrected. Hopefully, along way down the road, you may sell your business with the name so maybe not so bright to make it your actual name. What does the word make you think of? 


I chose a word that people won't remember unless they look it up but my poetic nature demanded it to exactly represent, who we are now, and in the future. It is the "repeat or explain" Cliff Richards; Cliff Richard way. If not go for helpful, full on, "Quality Photographer L.R.P.S. .com" I could have done this as I was a Professional Wedding Photographer.

To me, my population structure or demographic was a world full of men and women who couldn't wait to pronounce their love and found poems a romantic way to say things like, "can I take you to dinner."


Love Often Laughter.


You can buy romantic, pure, poetry from Share fun and love with your special person. Or just learn romantic tips


 Words have more meaning than flowers.


Have more love.     



Example of New Business

So did you notice the change of text colour ? The" if I was her," deliberate mistake; will draw your eye to my main point.

The Romantic couple sitting on the beach watching the dawn remind the buyer of my pen name Dawn Heart L.R.P.S. The cover was paid for separately. Mine was about $200 from Amazon. I had organised the bar code (FREE) and the writing on the back my self so I didn't have to pay for that.


The book was done on a Create Space template which was FREE I did it on the computer in the Library which was also FREE


Where the cost comes in is; the passion and the time that provide the research for the experiences and  the time it takes to write.


The first marketing lesson I learned was to advertise to your niche and not waste time and money advertising to everyone. People who like poetry like my poems.; Some people are just not into poetry and there no point in telling them about how a person can be stirred (and not shaken) by passionate and lovely words. My book is not available till  a revised version is done. 

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