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Never put off enjoyment because

there’s no time like the pleasant. –Evan Esar.

Self Love - Pampering


Try to pamper yourself at least once a day. The rests you give yourself are important for your health. It is important to try and make time. Go ahead be good to yourself. Please your senses and allow your mind to become calm. Don’t overdo it though, moderation is the key to keeping it healthy. I have given you lots ideas of what you might do (including feeling healthy from nutritious food, exercise and sleep :)


Spend time in an armchair with a wheat wrap round your shoulders. It can be heated first in the microwave for extra comfort.

Or sit in front of the fire. Put on some gentle music and read a magazine or novel. Reading is helpful and enjoyable and there are suitable books in my website shop. If you need to be gentle with yourself, read one you have read before, for a shock free time. Alternatively, do easy puzzles, such as a crossword. These are good to lift a depressed mood, because it helps take your mind off your worries. It will also help improve your concentration and memory. Another good memory exercise is a quiz. Have a cup of tea or coffee on hand; I recommend Chamomile Tea for late at night. Let the bag stay in the cup and steep for full flavour.


 When you are not doing something important like driving. Drink a small glass of good red wine, or a small glass of champagne. Don’t drive when you have been drinking. This amount of alcohol will relax you and is suitable for social occasions. However the relaxing quality is unhelpful for important situations where you need your wits about you. If you can’t restrict yourself to one, don’t drink at all. Your thinking will become out of control and it is bad for your liver and other vital organs.

Brush yourself all over to get rid of cellulite (skin that feels like orange peel.) Then wash all over. The brush should have a long handle so that you can reach down your back and be designed for skin brushing. It will improve your skin of course but will also allow your skin to breath by removing the toxins and dead skin cells. It is worth the effort you will feel revitalised.

Eat 4 squares of 70% minimum cocoa solids chocolate. If you can’t restrict yourself to just 4 squares in a day, perhaps, don’t do this one, except when it is very special, or in an emergency. It is full of antioxidants, and the stimulants theobromine and phenethyamine. It is a shame, that it is also full of fat. Go on choose a yummy nibble!


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Love Self


Rest, Pamper, Eat, Exersise, for

Joy and Health

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