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My Story.


I am offering media for 

Transformation Keys - Your HAPPINESS REBOOT. 

Where the Happiness Information Grew.

A club called the Alpha Project (for people with Depression and Stress) with 32 people, tested solutions to common problems like, Insomnia and Money for 16 years. Between us we read every book worth reading on Relationships Menopause Longevity and Spirituality. During that time we also had guest experts bring us lessons on Mindset for Success. In her last days my Mummy annotated books about dying and gave me Facing Death.

That's 32 success stories. My own success story, over those 16 years, from Clinical Depression to Happiness  involved becoming a qualified councillor (which took two years) and writing up essays of all the helpful insights. I then had a treasure chest of information to share EG  How to Remember for Exams; Overcoming Habits and Addiction. ( My partner was an alcoholic.) and Leaving Divorce (Trauma )Behind


Sixteen years is a long time to be gathering information and thirty two people on my team meant the information was many gems that are concise and practical and tested.


How the Happiness Information was Developed Even More.

The psychologist Nicola Boella liked my work so much she gave them to her hospital patients. The essays continued to be a success with depressed and anxious people. I worked in Horsham Hospital for a year where our advice was praised and valued highly.

I identified the common features of depression and simplified it so that every stressed person would find it useful and not just the very acute. You should exclude your self if you are confident and completely happy and want to stay the same. I will do some fun and entertaining; but my primary purpose is to fix problems. In my vision of the future I am like a Disney for adults slipping the message in with wonderful stories or Sci-Fi epics.

You are choosing a person to change your thinking. Chose an expert. Or 32 experts who have walked that way.

Choose my Team; for a Lasting Beam. 
(In English a big smile is a beam. I don't like having to explain it but how would you explain my offer?)

HAPPINESS is complex, and often illusive, and how to tame it needs your commitment. Do you want to give yourself a Happiness Reboot? Try to be spontaneous and take this opportunity now. Love Yourself too and commit to the practical steps I am recommending to see results.


Call to Action. 

The information is designed to be the next step from where ever you are. For example it might be a literal next step out the front door if you are learning Confidence or it might be a step onto a stage in front of thousands of people. Some people are content to remain where they are; but transformation and continuing happiness are for most people. So please do take up my invitation to join my mailing list for free information. At the moment the topic is Insomnia.

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