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Dawn Heart L.R.P.S. Story

Age 7 reading age at age 5

Took lead in plays

memory of advising mother on Romantic solft focus

Learnt recordesr

Age 7 planned life

Mother hands me letter from palace

Being ill and prayed for


ran chritian union and a daily prayer group

Mothr dates Satenist and converts to Christianity

Lived in library.

Advised mother to rent divided up shop

Sold aniques in window.

Answered phone for taxi service, hair dresser, craft shop, and even me

Did homework under teachers noses

Cheers and sranding ovation changed my trak

About how i changed printed circuitboards

Played with the local children

Seeing forefillment of prophesy

I called for the angels who were never sent

Dined with masonic leader from lodgfe in london who helped me


hypnotised husband out of being chain smoker

Divorce My flight and the men who helped

Problems from thyroid

walked to library daily

Wrote book Daddy said was ten out of ten

Struggling with website

Insights from Darren Hardy

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