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News - June 2019


So you have decided that you can commit to the business world? You know its going to sling some bad stuff at you and you still want to go for it? You can fail and learn and stay focused? You want independence more than security? You believe in fairy tails like "get rich quick." Or like me your inner super hero/heroine wants to save the world?


 It's worth knowing why so that later when you wonder, and you will wonder, you have an answer. More than half of the population do not know what they want and why and therefor have difficulty prioritising... It is worth thinking though.  A good place to start is to write a diary and note down the things that you liked in the day that ;you want to remember. Write why you liked it as well what it was you liked with lots of details.

The message from the billionaires is that you should be able to prioritise effectively and not do every thing but get done the things that are the most important. This is along with their advice to learn how to focus.

How Much?


OK time to stop guessing and add it all up. I got a catalogue from my local office supplies shop and added up the computer, the table, every last paper clip, and envelope. I got a big scary number .I didn't have proper budget or plan for an advertising campaign. I sort of had a vague plan that my face book friends would buy it from me and tell their friends. Sounds dreadful admitting to being so silly and woolly now but it is surprising what good company I am in.


My poetry had fans from my readings and poetry classes they bought a lot of my poems. I put some on my Facebook profile.and then there was nothing either in or out. IN was approximately the same as big scary. A failure but not a disaster.

Advertising for start ups



The most import thing is your advertising. When you know what you are selling that is the key thing to get customers attention and exchange your goods and services for what they offer (which is usually  money.) Don't  make it too complicated.  The whole story of a purchase is just this; a swap or trade. Advice on advertising is the most important you will get it is up there with look after you Mum.


There is an enormous amount of space that is not being used to advertise on the internet and so there  re a lot of good deals at the meant to encourage you to get used to advertising on their bit.You can still ask for it to be next ow whatever you want that is appropriate for your niche.


If you are organised enough to take up an offer then cancel after a month there are lot of options for are free for a  month I was just looking at auto resplonders and there are lots of this type of offer. Free trial is not free forever don't get caught  on that one. 

When you can do web site a lucrative thing to do is to rent out sites to business owners On Google maps that is worth 1 to 4 thousand unds depending on how much revenue you are going to get the business owner.

The key I needed

When you're about to buy something online, you literally just click that button and the total price instantly drops if Honey finds a deal for you. It's really that easy.Sometimes, Honey will even find exclusive voucher codes that aren’t normally available to the public.

You can use this handy tool on all your favorite sites like Currys, Dominos, Gymshark, Superdrug, and 4,000+ more.
Do yourself a favor and get it now so the next time you're buying online, you're ready to go. Your future self will thank you.
Add to Edge - It's FREE






There are an awful lot of questions. So let me help you prioritise them. You will need a place to work. Just a table might do.  Somewhere you can write ideas and put receipts together in piles will be invaluable. You may need a shop or a wear house. You need to choose the" where" because this is your biggest expense. I like meeting people but I won't do that for a long while because I realised that working on the internet was cheapest for what I wanted. So people on face book and LinkeIn are truly special friends and I like to connect with them when they have encouraging things to say and they think about my problems. This is really appreciated. I can't thank these people enough.

Do you have support?

I was unemployed for a year before I got my first  job and I decided to use my time to become a guitarist. I estimate that I was about a grade 5 to start but listening to me must have been painful and yet my family never once complained about my long daily practice that only ended when my fingers hurt. I never made my music on stage not once. I sadly gave up with the realisation that the guitar designers did not have in mind a person with fingers that were as tiny as mine and  was never going to be more than just good.

I rate my family and friends very high for consistently being supportive in every way possible. Is there a group or family you are going to have standing by your side? Or could this be a problem?

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