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Starting a photography business


When I started I had the best camera when hardly anyone had cameras I was the one with the experiencea and qualifications and things were a lot easier thapy and she sent me asuper cute phovidio of itrthat I could not hav got unless I was waiting in her house for three weeks the way she ;was. So how aaare your photos going to be better than their why will they pay for you and not do it them selves Im not jokinb ok carry a tripd with you that you can put up in seconds not minutes it will need to be light. Be handy with a vidioe and be confident of doing special effects that you acan show off on your web site. I take it as read that you are a master of your cradft if you want to make money ot of your craft what ever it is.

Being a Wedding Photographer

 Please do NOYruch into wedding photography. :ou can not repprodlkuce that event if you acgo wrong Be sur that ou acan be very fast and resp;etful and polite aat a very load vollume. Even experienced photogroahers use two camers ass an just in  casse money wont cut it on the photos and the memory of the special day they gave a lifelong vow of love. I always work with anassitant who takes a copy. Dont make the mistake of thongkking that you family wedding is the same as astrangers NEVER EVER EVER spoil the day .If there is a problem they can hear about it later. They won't miss a few photos if you mess up unless it is the signing of the register. Once my flash went off as I awas picking it up and in those days you only had one flash and then it needed 5 minuts to charge. My acting skills came in handy that day. I said calmy and cheerfully this is an important shot why not every one take a record of this special moment. Later I bought the photo some one else had taken for the entire profits of the weddding.
 The girlie talk
behind closed door, stays there, when the worried bride wispers, "I 'm not sure about this." that is your secret for ever. you provide tissues, safty pins, you know how a dress is supposed to look right and if you are a man you send your femail assitant to fix it if it isn't. You have been to the reception place, Your complely sussed. on a wedding day The bride is lookindg the most beutyful she wikll ever look . it is a prolem to compliment her When we arrivres my mail bususiness partner always says to me. wow shes beutful we are going to have a good day today. we new what was expected there was a chemistry between us.

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