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Business Inspiration From My Woody Retreat

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If you make meaning you will make money.

Guy Kawasaki

Prioritise your life. Give your self a central set of issues to work from and focus on. The idea is to draw it out of yourself, not to impose it. You will find this invaluable later helping you make decisions quickly and leaving out things that are in fact rubbish. One way of doing this is to set goals. What do you want done by the end of the week, year, and 10 years? You don't have to do every thing ( that is Impossible). Just do the important things.

Your business gaol? How much money will you make?

Important things to remember are solving problems with delegation and automation, getting the right equipment that is ergonomically right. I use a WAVE KEY BOARD ta da NO PAIN. I was advised that if you don't have pains on the back of your hand or your wrist; the experience can be disappointing because the letters at the right height for where your fingers end and the keys are in a slightly different place.

Your business plan I down loaded Richard Branson's one (FREE) and another time it was free on a course.

Employees and their accessibility, and fire escape. Finding employees is FREE on LinkedIn. The service LinkedIn offers is better if you pay but not essential to start off with.

Save years and thousands of pounds; learn to use Excel (I got a FREE Excel course from my local council through the Job centre) and get a good accountant. And mentor, learn from anothers mistakes and education. Darren Daily Is a FREE. Daren Hardy was the CEO of Success Magazine who sends me g mails every morning. keep up with regular views or his computer will turn off your Free subscription.

Your Ecology goal; how many trees will you pay for? Will you use eco-friendly materials? Be carbon neutral? Eat Organic? (Does not have poison on it to kill insects.) Insecticide sounds like it has nothing to do with humans but it does in an accumulative bad way. You wouldn't put the wrong fuel in your Ferrari. What you want done before your own death? What would you like to be said of you then?


  • Capture your dreams on paper. Start writing a list, now, of what you want out of life. It can be a big thing like writing a book, or little thing like what you would like for supper tonight. Include

  • Items you want to save for

  • Skills you would like to gain.

  • What you would like in the future;

  • For you and your business career,

  • Family and social life,

  • Your bit for the world,

  • Your legacy.

  • What are you passionate about is it just the money. You will be doing it a long time.

Look back in your memory and see if there are good things you once did and should include on the wish list again. Things you enjoyed and give you a positive emotion are the best thoughts. They give you motivation and create useful memories. Describe yourself and how you fit into your family. Is there anything you would like to change? This is about how you change you, though, not them. The idea is to look good to yourself and be the best person you can be. What you think is the secret to your destiny. It is your paradigm which will encourage the response and Kalma you want. It is wise not to in force it. Just commit and take failures as lessons. How you over come difficulty will give you answers that you can give or sell to others. Give first.

You may surprise yourself. You may be able to afford some of the things on your wish list. You may even be able to earn a living doing what you like.


Write “I love and value myself because…

”What do you like best about yourself? What are your strengths and abilities?

Write a list of thing you like doing and one about

what you don’t like doing? Write a list of the

things you would like to buy. Write this in two parts. First Wants and second Needs. Write a list of your roles in your: business, family, work, church, local community, etc.

Brainstorming and Mind Maps are useful writing tools to use. Brainstorming is writing every thought down quickly when you first think of it. Mind Maps are about what you associate with a central theme in the middle of the paper. This is a good way to think up your niche for your business.

AFFIRMATION. I only need to be me and I can love myself.

FURTHER READING. Stephen Covey has similar ideas to me so if this essay was useful to you consider his book The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People; published by Simon and Schuster UK Ltd