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Don't Hurt my Babies

There are lots of ways you can create energy that doesn't involve polluting my beaches with oil. The technology is there now.

Why not use an old- fashioned pitcher pump to put used water from your bath down your lavatory. This innovation would be made of recyclable plastic so it could be light and in colours complementary to bathrooms. A really top quality one of these inventions would make the water go up to the ceiling. The water falling from the ceiling could make turbine energy to power your bathroom.

You could also fit these in drain pipes.

I should like to see this called the Deaych Pump. I have not patented the innovation and you have my permission to use it. Rich Oil Barons is so Last Year. This is an opportunity for a caring company ready to make big money.

Clean energy is where the clever money is. Like solar on roofs, walls, and cars and the edges of a windows.

Kind regards, and blessings,

Dawn Heart.