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Being Healthier and helping the Environment

I have written previously to say that leafy plants in your living and working space are vital for your health and increase productivity. NASA says so too. They have tested it. You can buy plants from me to get this oxygen in this web site shop. ( Available seasonally) Plants are very good for you in lots of ways. It is essential to a healthy life. Same as you wouldn't miss out on eating good food with lots of fruit and veg would you?

Growing the herbs for your cooking is a wonderful way to get oxygen in your kitchen. In the country side you could just open the window in a warm summer but in a built up area the air is polluted. In this case the "having a plant" scenario is best. Have some thing edible and kitchen appropriate and is pretty for your house and office.

When trying to sell it is important to think up the objections that your customer might bring, That is why asking for opinions is so important your comments are vital to show you where you are going wonmg,! The comment I got with plants is they can die. Well buy more. As in the analogy for food you wouldn't stop buying it because it is not permanent. Then in your pitch you set out the main advantages. Buy my plants for;

  1. the ability to focus

  2. and feel better and

  3. be more productive.

My customers know this I said it before. Repetition is a good way to teach. Repetition is a good way to teach.

I have also written about how not having polluting energy to heat your house is better for your purse and the environment. So if you have solar and double glazing; if you are sitting by plants and have a cuddly on; you are up to speed.

Recycling helps. The local council can gain money if people use the service. It is just as easy to drop your waist in the recycle bin as it is to put it in the rubbish. Plastic that you use only once is often found on nice places like beaches. That would be things like bottles and shopping bags. Many places allow you to take your own bag that does not have advertising on it and is stronger. Don't get caught looking uncaring in the super market. Be certain that you are not casting away some thing people will want to buy like metal.

These days it is some thing that many customers expect or hope for. It can be a deciding factor. Don't get caught out by this because it not just a trend. Demonstrait how planet caring you are, everywhere, by having solar chargers where your customers and clients will see them in the sun.

Cleaning wipes and the micro balls in face cleaning products are like plastic and do not disintegrate. You are looking for clean not germ free. Small amounts of germs help you build up a resistance to them. Is your product Biodegradable?

Metal can be taken away for free instead of paying for removal. It takes 70% less energy to recycle paper than to make it from raw material. I would never use nice forests to wipe my bum!

Use cleaning products that don't hurt the environment. They stink in your house and long term contribute to the bad health of everyone you care about and the dog. Some cleaners are so toxic. The label has to say some thing like; "Harmful or fatal if swallowed " or "Use only in a well-ventilated area."

Triclosant is a strong antibacterial designed for use in hospitals, where germs are rampant, not our homes. Too much contact with this heavy duty ingredient can cause health issues like skin and eye irritation, hormonal disruption, and organ toxicity. Not only that, but bacteria are developing resistance to it. Triclosant has been banned but is still in our soap for a year while it is being phased out.

As an employer you have a responsibility to safe guard the health of your employees. If you do not take sufficient amount of care you can be closed down or sued.