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Invite people into your space.


This is an Oriental way to enhance your life spiritually. It was developed about 4,000 years ago. They did not know then about bacteria or oxygen but they already knew that cleanliness and plants were always beneficial. Yesterday, on a Webinar, Jim Kwik from Mind Valley reminded us how being clean is good for our memory.

( Learning from e-books and You Tube is FREE but Webinars which are also FREE are better because they can be interactive. Don't miss out on this FREE resource. Your copetitors aren't. Webinars often keep the good information and good offers till the end so one that sounds disappointing, at first, might be worth sitting though. The sale is often on a timer so know how much you are ready spend before the sales pitch. A business man will know his numbers and how much he can afford. )

The idea is that our surroundings change the way we feel. Being very clean and tidy helps us, and is a start, and feng Shui is the next step. Clear out all that clutter and you will soon feel more comfortable. This is a good opportunity to discover eBay with any thing that is valuable. The cash could help raise capital for your business. My rule is if it is under ten pounds it is clutter. Make the living room a place that you can relax in and the bathroom a comfortable sanctuary. Make your kitchen super hygienic.

Check you are neat and clutter free every where especially round the front door. I used to have so much clutter round the front door because I would enter and drop stuff on the way in and put things to go out on the way out. Which blocked my fire escape and was not welcoming to guests.The answer was to put a cupboard there for this purpose.

Clear clutter in the office as well and have a clear desk at all times. (Especially the centre of the desk.) Have little drawers near by to tuck things out of sight. Store things near where you will use them and put them straight away.

By doing this you change the possibilities in your life. For example people will like visiting your clean and tidy house more.

The clutter is taking up space in your brain that could be used for something else. You will feel more in harmony with your surroundings when the clutter is gone and replaced with oxygen making plants. If Chinese had solar panels and double glazing in those days I am sure they would use them to do the, harmony with Nature thing, and save themselves some money.

If you stop being untidy you will be less stressed. Give yourself permission to let go and go forward leaving the past behind. Clutter is junk that is stopping you from doing more important things. If you do not use clutter or love it. Get rid of it.

The charity shop will thank you (or the recycle bin or your accountant.)